Backyard Entertainment Spaces

Do you remember all the ideas you had for your backyard? Let us help you move forward and bring those ideas to life.

The Outdoor Living Concept has been around quite some time but is increasingly becoming more popular with added focus on functional outside spaces. The advantage to outdoor living is being able to maximize the space you already have. Adding accessories to make the space more enjoyable makes it all worth while.

Have you considered more outside space for cooking? Consider a built in grill, smoker or even a wood fired oven.

Are you lacking an outdoor entertaining space? We can add a full freestanding fire place or a small fire pit. These features do not need to be restricted to wood burning only; with local codes in mind we can add propane or natural gas fire inserts to both fire pits and fire places.

The bottom line is that these spaces can add comfortable, functional square footage for you, your family, and friends.