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Do you have insurance?
Yes. Backyard Paradise is fully insured and will obtain any necessary permits to complete work on your property.
What type of residential customers do you do work for?
Backyard Paradise can develop a plan and program that will meet the needs of all customers looking to do any landscaping to their property.
Do you provide residential and commercial snow removal?
Yes. With quality equipment and reliable service. We keep our client list small and focused to ensure you have safe access to your property.
Do I need to edge and mulch my flower beds?
Mulch provides many benefits for planting when done correctly. For shrubs and ornamental trees, a mulch base of 2"-4" is recommended. This helps keep weeds in check, retain the moisture in the soil and add organic matter to the soil as it decays. Properly edged beds will help prevent erosion of the mulch and keep the lawn from growing into your gardens.
What height do you cut the grass at?
In the spring and summer we use a 3" mowing height. This is when your lawn is most actively growing. It is in the recommended cut height by Rutgers University, one of the leading turf research Universities in the world. During the Fall we will lower the height of cut to 2.5 to 2.75. If you have specific requests we can accommodate.
Yes. Backyard Paradise is fully insured and will obtain any necessary permits to complete work on your property.
Your space requirements can vary dramatically based on what you want to use the patio for. For a large outdoor table and chairs, our minimum recommended size is 14’X14’. After a site visit your contractor will help you decide what you need for space.
The depth will vary with the different types of soil on your property. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, we are experienced and well versed in what is needed for appropriate depths.
A 2-4% pitch (quarter to half bubble on a level) is adequate for most projects. Pavers should always be pitched to carry water away from structures or poor draining areas.
Yes, manufactured edge restraint products are adequate for all installations in our area. We install edge restraints on top of the prepared base material. This will maximize the strength and durability of the edge restraint.
Backyard Paradise is a custom hardscape installer. With that being said, we do offer basic design services for customers as part of your project cost.
As soon as the client is satisfied with the job proposal, the client is asked to sign the proposal and provide a down payment. Once the down payment and signed proposal are received, the job is scheduled in the next available opening.

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